16 December 2008

Growing Up

In January, Sonny and I will celebrate our one year anniversary. I consider the day he came home with me his birthday. He was smart from the start and easily trained. He has been a mischievous, joyful, loveably rambunctious puppy.

He has not had a potty accident in months, he is now free to roam outside his kennel during the day while I am at work with no fear of mass destructino, and I never need to shoo him off furniture when I come back into the room. Please refer to BAD DECISION and APPROPRIATELY REPENTANT in the Archives, to refresh your memory of his training.

But now, I think he is growing up.

Sigh. Do I want that?

I have bought for him just about every stuffed animal squeak toy that WalMart stocks. Sonny has de-squeaked and de-stuffed each one swiftly, leaving only the shredded ‘skins’. I don’t toss these remnants, he likes them and wants me to keep them. I pick them up and store them in a laundry basket with his tennis balls, in the doggie room, by the back door. Every morning when he comes to wake me, he has already gone to his basket and picked out a toy to share with me to start my day.

This past Saturday, I went to WalMart for some odds and ends. While shopping I wandered over to Pets. On the spur of the moment I decided to purchase for Sonny a new stuffed squeak toy, myself being in the holiday spirit, having just come from Christmas shopping for my human friends. And besides, I haven’t bought him any new toys in a very long while.

This time I chose a turquoise mouse. It has a long tail. And whiskers. And it was only $2.97.

I thought to myself, hoo boy, this one won’t last long.

I could be wrong.

Here we are on Tuesday, the 4th day of ownership, and this is what I have to report: the squeak is still intact and the stuffing is still stuffed. The mouse is being carefully conveyed throughout the house like royalty, carried delicately and daintily as if a fragile treasure. The mouse sleeps in the kennel with Sonny, and is taken out for short excursions regularly. Sonny seems quite fond of the turquoise mouse.

And I think my boy just might be growing up.

Happy Birthday.


At December 19, 2008 at 9:14 PM , Blogger Kate said...

That's what Tucker did with his yellow man! For some reason, they just find toys that they love and want to keep always. One day, though, his inner puppy may get the best of him and he'll rip it to shreds. Tucker is, after all, on yellow man #2.


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