22 April 2009

Sonny Deals With Boredom

As a rule, he doesn't usually chew things up anymore.

But, with neighbors Jim and Michiko gone on vacation for 10 days, Sonny and Dolly are going to be left to their own devices all day long, at home alone in the doggie room. I didn't know how they would handle not going across the street to doggie daycare every morning at 10, to laze around at Michiko's, being spoiled and pampered, petted and walked, cooked for and fed, played with and groomed, and let out to the yard whenever they desired. I would just have to close the door, go to work and let things happen as they may.

I was more afraid Sonny would get his paws up on the buffet where I am sorting seashells, or the bird cage table, or my computer desk, so I shoved everything further back, out of reach, blockaded with chairs in front. I was thinking about letting them free to roam the entire house to ease their boredom, but thought better of it, mostly because of the potential potty issues. I decided, best to leave them corralled in the doggie room, where we can concentrate any damage.

The first day I expected to open the door to mayhem, Sonny mayhem, (Please refer to previous posts found in this blog, most especially, 'Bad Decision - the first installment', February 2008) but was pleasantly surprised to find just a little yellow puddle from poor old incontinent Dolly.

Day two brought different results.

When I first got home I didn't pay much attention to him because I was in a hurry to get to my aerobics class, so I just let him rush through the gate and out back.

When I let him back in, I noticed he was naked.

I went hunting under his blankies in the kennel for his collar.
Somehow, Sonny had been able to shrug out of his collar. His very first collar. Aw, the paw print one, the one he has been wearing since I got him from the rescue place, his sentimental puppy collar!
I just laughed and laughed when I saw the poor mutilated AND SOGGY collar. Obliterated.

I put on him one of Dolly's old collars, a red one, and it's a bit more snug than the other one was. It doesn't have his tags on there, maybe I will shop for a brand new collar for him, a Second Year Collar, I haven't decided yet.

In the meantime, this morning I left out plenty of durable chew toys.... we will just wait and see what today brings.


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