22 April 2009

Reception Reflections - Mars –vs- Venus and the Coffee Machine

There is a Flavia coffee machine here in the kitchen by the reception desk. You can make one cup at a time, fresh brewed, in the morning for a treat, or at the end of the day when the regular pot has been cooking all day long.

It’s a popular machine. There are flavors and all types of specialty coffees. Espresso. French Roast. Hazelnut and French Vanilla. Make a Decaf. Make a Cappuccino. Green Tea. White Tea with Orange. English Breakfast Tea. Exotic Chai.

And there are toppings, too. Choco, Creamy Topping. Latte Swirl. Mocha. Milky Way. You can flavor your coffee like Candy.

Special Coffees.

The packets of coffee and toppings are shiny with a plastic tip that fits into the machine's grip opening. When you insert the packet and close the door, you put your cup under the slot and the coffee comes out hot and fresh brewed. Yummy.

Yesterday one of the guys was in a hurry and didn't place the plastic tip in the right position and the coffee packet got jammed in the machine.

I, as a woman, tried to delicately wiggle the stuck packet loose. I gingerly put my hand up inside trying to push the plastic top out, the way it went in, but I do not want to break a nail, so I withdraw my hand. I pulled on the shiny packet to get it out. It does not budge. I decide to call for Service and wait for Our Technician.

Dana came by. Dana tried to free up the machine. Dana is a very resourceful woman. She looked up at the stuck packet from underneath. She put her hand up inside even farther than I did. She prodded the packet trying to make it come loose. Dana also does not want to break a nail, plus she is getting coffee grounds on her hands. Dana can not rescue the stuck packet. Dana also decides to let us wait for Our Technician.

Greg H. came by. Greg H. always has one of these coffees when he is in the office.
Greg H. really wanted a coffee.
He opened the door. He Pulled. He Groped. He Yanked. He Twisted.
Greg H. fetched a pair of Scissors and cut the bottom off of the packet that is stuck inside the drawer of the Flavia Coffee Machine. Now there is nothing to grab on to because he has cut it off, and coffee has spilled all over.
Greg H. failed to unstick the plastic tip left inserted and stuck inside the coffee machine. Greg H. got a coke from the fridge and walked away.

Chad T. came by.
Chad T. doesn’t drink coffee, but he really wanted to help get that coffee machine working again.
Chad T. is helpful that way.

Chad T. opened the door.

Stop, I say, you’re going to make it worse.

He Pulled.

Quit it, I say, you’re going to break it more.

He Groped.

Cut it out, I say, I’m telling, if you don’t stop.

He Yanked.


He Twisted.


Chad T. got a Letter Opener.

You’re going to get Electrocuted.

Chad T. dug and dug into that stuck plastic cap.

But Chad T. could not relieve the coffee machine of the stuck plastic cap. Chad T. gave up.

Chad T. walked away. He is not a coffee drinker anyway.

Aramark sent out Our Technician to help us get our coffee machine working again. Our Technician asked me, what’s up? I apologize to Our Technician that other amongst us have already tried and failed to get unstuck the plastic cap from inside of our coffee machine. I fear they may have made the problem worse with their tinkering.

Our Technician did not stick his hand up inside the coffee machine.
He did not Pull. He did not Yank. He did not dig or gouge.

He did not fetch scissors or get a letter opener.

Our Technician popped open the door.

Our Technician popped the door right off.

Our Technician turned our coffee machine off, counted to 10, and then back on.

Our Technician pushed a button to simulate the closing of the front door.

Our Technician made that stuck plastic cap pop right out into the bin.

Our coffee machine is working again.
Come on up for a cup a joe.


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