29 November 2008

Outside Dog

Sonny does not want to come back in the house. He loves the outdoors, that is where he prefers to be. When he is inside he wants to go back out, when he is out he wants to stay out. He just loves to be outside, all that stuff he sees through the window when he is inside, he must experience at firsthand, outdoors.

I go out and check on him periodically. Do you want to come in? Are you too cold? Do you want a drink of water? Do you want a cookie?

I go out into the yard and he runs around me in circles, barking ferociously at me. He has a big dog bark now. Snapping. Playing rough. Run in, run away. Leaping up, hunkering down. Engaging me. Inviting me, come on, just try it. Fly off at high speed, charge back at me. Circle in from behind. Dive in to try to bite my butt. Pretend Snarling. Tough guy. I fake lunge at him, he speeds off at full tilt, he can move like the wind. I hide behind one of the trees and peek around to spy on him. He hides behind that same tree on the other side and waits for me to jump out at him, Haaar! so he can blast off in a figure eight around the yard.

This morning he did not want his breakfast. He sniffed at it but walked away. I brought it to him outdoors. He sniffed at it and would not eat. I left the bowl out there with the water next to it, he will eat when he is hungry.

I just came in from checking on him. He finally ate his breakfast. Had a drink of water.

But I am puzzled.

How on earth did he get a grass stain in the middle of his forehead?