02 November 2009

Goodbye. Hello.


Jim and Michiko’s house looks so lonely, I know they aren’t home. I wonder how they are?

Those friends of Kate’s are never home, the lights are always out!

Oh, those people must have had a bonfire for Halloween, look at the portable fire pit sitting out front. I remember when they had their daughter's wedding in the front yard.

Those people will never sell that house FOR SALE BY OWNER, it’s a piece of junk.

I wonder who the visitation is for at Herr? Hope it’s nobody I know….

Oh look, there ‘s a nice new wreath on the front door of Blum House.

I remember when the library was closed on Sundays. They did a good job on the Pan fountain.

Look at the fat lady coming out of Curves, not working for ya, is it?

I wonder if anyone will ever buy the old Ostle Family Pharmacy building, it would make a great ice cream shop.

Jim Stehman the Dentist. I bought his childhood home from his mother’s estate 6 years ago.

We had lunch from the Sandwich Shoppe yesterday, it was good!

What’s going into the old Glik’s Department Store place? The sign says something about Art Co-op, I wonder what that will be?

Lucky it’s nice out today for those smokers out front at Friday’s.

I love the paint job on that big old house on the corner, where the lawyer is.

That other corner is where the fat girl mooned me when we were driving to Home Depot!

The ketchup bottle’s looking good.

That’s the place that made my new countertops, I still have the guys’ tape measure that he forgot. I should stop and return it someday.

Remember when this was such a beautiful strip of road, with trees bowing over the way like a tree tunnel? We drove under it on our first drive in to live here. It was so peaceful and cool green on that August day, after such a long trip.

That used to be where the old strip joint ‘Dotty’s Body Shop’ used to be, what was it my brother said about tipping cows after they went in there?

Maybe we should try the Turkey Shoot at Hollywood Hts. some Sunday afternoon this fall.

Where the new gas station is, I remember when the old one was there, Jeffy threw up in the back seat when we stopped for gas. Then, we didn’t go to the mall.

And on I drove.


I turned the new corner, with the last load in my back seat, and I’m home.