14 May 2008


Thje four eggs in the cardinal's nest in my backyard have hatched, sometime yesterday May 13, ah, lucky 13.

Sonny has noticed the little bit of noise they make, and has stuck his nose up into the bush. I will be keeping my eye out for him so he doesn't cause any trouble.

I will try to get a picture to share.

06 May 2008

60 Minutes

That's how long I was gone taking a walk.

It is my sad duty to report that Mr. Popular ate Box of Feathers.

05 May 2008

Nesting Mama

There is a mama cardinal sitting on a nest of four brown spotted eggs, in the bush next to the patio by my back yard gate, in the picture it is the bush on the left.
I am afraid she is regretting choosing this spot, she must have found it on a more tranquil weekday, when nobody was home and the dogs were not going in and out the gate what must seem like every couple of minutes on weekend days.
When Mama bird hears my side door open she probably thinks, oh brother, here we go again. As soon as I appear she turns her head and spies me out of her left eye (because she is always sitting on the eggs facing away from the gate) and then she flies away. Each time it is the exact same escape, she flies down between the bushes below the leaf canopy and up to the first branch in the oak tree that is directly behind the kitchen window.
I always apologize to her, sorry mama, but I'm not really sorry. I always take the opportunity to get a look at the eggs in the nest and anticipate the soon to be baby cardinals.

03 May 2008

Mr. Popular

Now, some of you might have a hard time believing how Popular Sonny is around here. Others of you have read my stories and you already know about Jim and Michiko, about how they dote on Dolly and Sonny. But there are others who find Sonny a most delightful pet.

For instance, what about that ancient old man who walks his equally ancient dog around the block in my neighborhood? I see him every Sunday morning, around 10. He inches slowly up the street with his little dog sniffing the ground behind him. The little dog is a mop, chubby, short legged, and very old. The little old man approaches the fence of my yard, in the near back corner by the street, and reaches over to pet my jumping up Sonny, and then reaching over a little farther to pet the placidly sitting Dolly who is much too mature and ladylike to jump up on fences for a pet anymore. The little old gentleman will reach into his pocket for a treat for my two, who are expecting the treat, and they gobble down their surprises with relish. Then the little old man will remember his little old dog who is sitting as far away from my blustering crew as it possibly can, at the end of its tight leash, obviously wary of the two behind the fence. The little old man will point back and forth from his little old dog to Sonny and Dolly as if instructing little old dog to come make friends, and when little old dog does not budge, little old man drags little old dog, front paws off the ground, over to the fence, to make nice with my two. Little old dog obeys for a moment then backs off to sit once again at the end of his tight leash, and then it is time for little old man and little old dog to shuffle back up the street, retreating to wherever home is for them.

This morning, as I stood at my kitchen sink, I saw another neighbor of mine at my fence, petting Sonny. I don't know the name of this neighbor, but I've talked to him several times, mostly at my fence, once discussing Sonny, another time the ice storm last winter and what it did to the trees in our yards. He's a very nice man and I know that he deals in antiques, he buys them here and travels them out to Colorado or other points West to sell them for a higher profit than he would get here. This morning when I see him, he is dressed in shorts, a jacket and an orange ball cap and has his travel coffee mug in hand, which he puts down in the grass in order to reach over the fence with two hands to pet Sonny. Sonny of course jumps up, front feet on the fence, to greet him. Neighbor Man lifts a finger and says something, he must be making a command because after a few moments of tail wagging and pet-begging, Sonny sits, Sonny stays, and Neighbor Man reaches over and gives him love and praise. Just by the way Neighbor Man pets the creature Sonny, you can tell Neighbor Man is smitten with this animal. I observe this communication between these two from behind the curtain at my kitchen window, and it makes me smile and proud to see them enjoy each other so much. Sonny and Neighbor Man interact for about 5 minutes or longer before I see Neighbor Man pick up his coffee cup out of the grass and head back up the small rise to the street, only to stop, turn around, come back to the fence, and pet Sonny for just another minute or two more.

It's because of this I know that Sonny is Very Popular.